Intelligent plant controls all included

zoamatic controls

Intelligent plant controls all included

The zoamatic controls are a modular system that satisfies every requirement.
Various configuration levels and optional modules, from the operator control panel solution to the PC-assisted, scalable SCADA solution ensure maximum flexibility.
zoamatic controls allow fully automatic recipe operation mode, where entire batches or partial quantities are produced totally automatically in accordance with your formulations.
Plant status is visualised dynamically. Process data are recorded and stored and can be printed according to batch and/or archived as needed.
Guidelines are complied with reliably, e.g. project history in accordance with GAMP, software structure in accordance with the ISA S88.01 model and 21CFR Part 11 conformance.
It is easy to connect zoamatic controls to external, primary controls using a remote interface.

zoamatic smart

Basic version of our intelligent plant controls

  • Easy-to-use HMI solution
  • Siemens Comfort Panel with touchscreen in different sizes: 9”, 12”, 15”
  • For plants with low complexity
  • Optional recipe management
  • Visualization of all equipment, faults and interlocks
  • Dynamic display of all states and phases
  • Textual display of important process parameters
Basic version of our intelligent plant controls

zoamatic professional

Modular expandable SCADA system

  • High flexibility due to various expansion stages and option modules
  • Production of predetermined recipes by fully automatic recipe method
  • Dynamic visualization of all processes
  • Collection and storage of all process data
  • Connection of the controller to an external control via "remote interface"
  • Scale and expandable for complex plants
  • Compliance with specific software guidelines as GAMP, ISA S88.01 and 21CFT Part 11
Modular expandable SCADA system