zoatec® CPU continuous plants

Continuous plant unit type zoatec® CPU

Highly accurate dosing of powder into liquids
zoatec® CPU continuous plants

Your AZO advantages

  • Varying amount of dry substances
  • No premixing of dry materials necessary
  • Simultaneous processing of powders, granulates or pellets
  • Consistent product quality due to high-precision powder dosing
  • Combination of continuous process units in series possible
  • Design complies with EHEDG regulations


The continuous plant type zoatec® CPU are used wherever mixing and dispersal of liquid and paste-like substances with a varying amount of dry substances needing to be processed. The shear rate can be varied depending on the nature of the raw material, which means that powders, granulates and coated pellets can be processed simultaneously and the dry materials no longer need to be mixed beforehand. Precise metering of solid substances combined with a flow meter for liquids makes continuous production possible with consistently high product quality. The intelligent control engineering allows optimal process control. Furthermore, it is possible to configure several zoatec® CPU continuous plants in series. For your continuous processes we develop reliable solutions offering maximum efficiency and flexibility in the pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics and chemicals industries.


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